Февраль 5, 2017


1) Wash tattoo with antibacterial soap, smear by D-Pantenol or Bepanten, close tattoo by disposable diaper for 2-3 a day during 3 days.


2) For the 4th day you need to smear tattoo for 2-3 a day until complete healing.


3) Complete healing of the tattoo takes about 10 - 14 days, but it also depends of your organism.


4) The tattoo is healed if skin doesn't peel off, tattoo outline doesn't appear.


5) Don't steam tattoo, take heat bath and scratch tattoo. 

For about 2 weeks you can't go to pool, fitness, solarium or sauna.


6) You shouldn't take sunbath without SPF cream under 50 if you want that your tattoo save brightness for long years.


7) If you have questions you can chat me